David Montes Aldea / January 14th, 2013 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: David Montes Aldea #2

Chris Dafick / Soul to Wallride

This is from the day I met with with Chris Dafick, Marc Moreno and Adria Saa. We went to take some pictures around the Vallcarca hood. Chris is the owner of Shredweiser wheels, and he was promoting the brand and skating for a profile with all the Balas Perdidas crew. He had skated all kind of spots, ripping each one and pushing it to the limit. Well, for this session we started at a kink rail where Adria was trying some sick stuff, then we followed Marc to a set of stairs with a rail in the middle, but below that you’ve got this sick wallride. Chris did a soul on the rail and continued with this wallride. He only tried it one time and landed it perfectly — we got the photo on the first shot. I like the soft, natural light mixed with the artificial light of the flashes. And it shows the typical architecture of Barcelona, with the fountain and the plants around it.

I hope this shot shows all the respect I have for Chris because he gave his all at each spot and skated a lot for our cameras. Thanks, Chris!

This photo was taken at 1/200th, f5.6 and ISO 50.

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  • kubaurbanczyk.pl - January 15th, 2013

    great frame & lighting!

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