Dean Bradley / June 23rd, 2020 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Dean Bradley #2

Living in a city or large town keeps blading fresh for the most part. With lots of places to explore and many spots scattered amongst the city, there is always a place to play. Whilst not quite a tightly packed street mecca like Barcelona, Zürich still offers a nice range of obstacles ranging from small transitions and long rails, to drop ledges and big kinks. For many this is plenty to work with, but to Adapt team rider, Adrian Deck, this is never quite enough.

I have had a lot of sessions with Adrian over the years, and the one thing I consistently notice and admire is the excitement he has for experimenting and playing on new ‘unseen’ spots.

There have been times when everyone is skating a near-perfect handrail, whilst he is getting creative on the sketchiest spot no one would have looked at twice.

On this particular day we had arranged a meeting spot at rows of ledges in the centre of the city. Not long after arriving, Adrian disappeared in search of something new. It didn’t take long for him to reappear with two long wooden planks and immediately set up this wallride around the back of the pillar. After playing on it for a bit to feel out the transition, he landed this stylish wallride with ease. Once the boards were returned and everyone else had warmed up, the session moved deeper into the streets of Zürich. — Dean Bradley

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Dean Bradley #2

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