Deividas Buivydas / December 12th, 2013 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Deividas Buivydas #2

It was one of those days when you drive around the city and look for spots to skate. We went to some abandoned buildings with huge undiscovered areas, and the majority of it was too rough to skate, but then we found this fullpipe. There wasn’t much time spent thinking about this spot — we knew that we’d definitely come back to make a photo.

The next day I got to the spot first to set up the lighting and find the best shooting angles. When my friend, Rytis, came, we decided that he’dtry to lace some nice grabs. After awhile we had to think about a different trick, because the fullpipe was really steep and too small to get high enough for a decent grab. So we decided to shoot some cess slides instead.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Deividas Buivydas #2

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