Drew Amato / March 15th, 2009 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Drew Amato #3

Philly rolling history right here for you folks, featuring the stylings of Jimmy Shuda. Catch Shuda’s appearance in the ONEvideo, out now, and get a look at the full shot inside in this latest installment of Drew Amato’s Photo Journal.ONE

* * * *

Contrary to popular belief, Jimmy Shuda is indeed still rollerblading, and still killing shit. Since the days of “Project Mayhem” his skating has pushed the standards of what style is. Always fluent and always flawless. Nowadays, Jimmy likes to pride himself on the 4-inch launch ramp that he stole from little skateboarders a block from his house. I woke up one morning to voicemails left and right from Jimmy and Dustin (www.rollphilly.com) swearing the best launch ramp ever made in rollerblading had been created and that Shuda was talking about grinding buildings. My first reaction is that of all people, he would be the last person that needed a launch ramp, considering he used to skate a neck high ledge at Cecil to warm up. After getting kicked out of a few walls that he claimed to be ledges, we decided to set up across the street from his house to shoot this wallride. After a few A/O Ghost Porn wallrides (its the future, don’t question it) he banged out this perfect A/O Wallride cab out. — Drew Amato

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Drew Amato #3

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  • Jerusalem Malekilu a.k.a. the Dutchmaster - March 17th, 2009

    Remember meeting Pat Lennon @ a N.I.S.S. competition way back when. 2 this day I still cant believe I met the master, even tho he was eating a sandwich and I couldnt make out a word he was sayin.

    Moments like this are what keeps me rolling. How this all keys into the journal? I really couldnt tell ya, but keep truckin bra, all you need is your ONE magazine, some dutches, a gang of chicken fried steak, tates n greenbeans.

  • Jay Dick - March 18th, 2009

    props. shuda needs to get back in the game!

  • D-Tuna - March 18th, 2009

    Jimmy is a soldier. Word. Good 2 see this journal cause Jimmy b 1 of the old school cats who repped hard n got ther respect not bc of money or cars.

    Shud reps, used 2 get fresh video sections and win competion circuits.

    And if u think this cat ever left, then its time for you to forgive n forget, make some moves, take knowts, study ur blade history, know rollerblading, take a moment n have a youtube history sesh.

    Do something but dont call out Shuda for not bein usable, call this cat up n snap a few shots, whatevs, bag it up frodo bagins, just dont forget, Jimmy won this rat race bc of his swag, a common reason for the common people w no swag to give up, cry, and eat ramen.

  • Mike Murt - March 18th, 2009

    props to Shuda and D-Tuna on that knowledge tip!

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