John Haynes / December 13th, 2006 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: John Haynes #2

The John Haynes Photo Journal lives on… see the rest of the image and read the story behind the photo inside.

This summer we had a lot of really hot days. I lived in downtown Minneapolis on the 3rd floor with no air conditioning. It was miserable. One day I didn’t have to work so I drove to the suburbs to hang out with Ryan Googins at his mom’s house because they had air conditioning. It was like being in high school again, and his mom made a really good dinner with stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon (instant heart attack). As if Ryan hadn’t done enough by letting me watch cable in his air conditioned basement all day, he took me to this kinked rail and asked me what tricks I thought would be sweet on it. I didn’t know, because kinked rails are kinda played, then he offered up Truespin Mistrial. I laughed–but found an angle anyway. When he started to get close to landing it, I put a flash on top to gradate down the rail, as well as a strong back light to really pop his skin which was sweating considerably. All in all this was a fun photo to shoot and a much needed break from the heat. – John Haynes

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: John Haynes #2

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  • dFabiano - December 13th, 2006

    To bad that rail is extremely deadly. Who would think to true-mistral that.. hmm .. Ryan.. I love you kiddo

  • dFabiano - December 13th, 2006

    oh and John, love the pic – was about to use it but decided on the other pic we used in the ad – btw thanks again.

  • Michael Garlinghouse - December 13th, 2006


  • BorisG - December 13th, 2006

    that picture is killah. and so the trick! true mistrial on kinked bitch! what a sick idea.

  • ryan - January 6th, 2007

    balls to the wall eh? wish the angle was a touch lower so that the top of the rail didn’t get lost in the background but the light looks rad.

  • Dp - September 7th, 2007

    ya good shit guy way to hold it down

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