John Haynes / January 8th, 2007 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: John Haynes #4

My brother drove down to Minneapolis for a concert. He is from rural Minnesota and doesn’t really know how to get anywhere. In this instance, he got lost, then got a flat tire. Thinking he was close he began walking and found a Target, which served as a destination for his friend who picked him up. The next day he called me wondering if I could help him find his car. I asked if he knew where it was and he had no clue; but it was by a Target. This really didn’t help because Targets are on every block in Minnesota. Anyway, after literally two hours of driving around St. Paul we find his car, I help him change his shredded tire, and he is on his way for a three hour drive back home. I realized I was right by Brett Dasovic’s house and called him to see if he wanted to shoot this trick. He obliged, but I was struggling with lighting. I realized that if he did a cool enough trick I could get away with a relatively simple lighting solution. I like this shot because he knew just how he had to do it, and where he had to poke his foot the most, for my pre-focused f/2.8 exposure. ─ John Haynes

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: John Haynes #4

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  • Grant - February 15th, 2007

    David haynes is the coolest little brother ever. He gave me fireworks and the crabs for my wedding present

  • ryan - August 19th, 2007


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