Jonathan Labez / October 28th, 2010 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Jonathan Labez #3

Negative Acid

It was a crazy day shooting and filming that Sunday. There were seventeen people, five cars, and four spots. We started towards the San Pedro Port and migrated slowly back up to this spot in Carson, CA. If you’ve watched the USD edit with Jeremy Soderburg, Anthony Williams, Ryan Santos, and Rainer, you’ll recognize the spot. It’s tucked away down a winding street, with rows of nondescript industrial parks as far as you can see. We got there towards the start of dusk, with everyone trying to beat the dark with every grind. To my surprise, there was a functioning light over the rails, but no one seemed too interested in skating at that point. It had been a long day, with everyone settling in, sitting and talking about other spots, and the latest edits. I was putting away my flashes, camera, astands when out of nowhere, I hear a commotion from behind me. I asked, “what happened?” I turned around to watch Abel try a Negative Acid on the this rail (I should mention it wasn’t bolted at the start). I had never seen him try it on a rail, and I skate with him a few times a week. So I’m running around, unpacking my freshly put away gear, setting up lights; testing in my head, adjusting in the blink of an eye. I walked off to adjust a light and then had to run and slide to steal home base in one instance just to get the shot. I wasn’t going to miss this photo! Though he was locking on and holding it, it wasn’t quite “there.” A few tries later, there it was, shining through the dark, with a crowd of people cheering him on. What makes it even better was these were some of the people he had grown up in the UK watching and admiring. It was a great end for a crazy day. Canon 7D, Tamron 17-50, sb-24 at 1/1 raised up and behind Abel, Sb-25 at 1/2 below and to the subject’s right.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Jonathan Labez #3

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