ONE Staff / November 11th, 2009 / Photo Journal


After a long day in Manhattan looking for an HD camera for Mr. Ramos, we headed out to find a cool spot to film and shoot. I remembered going to this crazy-looking spot with some skaters from Long Island this summer, and told Miguel about it, so we head out. After two hours in Manhattan traffic we got there and got so upset because there were a whole bunch of trucks parked in front. After long negotiations with the drivers we got them to move the trucks, and they let us skate for a few shots. We got three: the first was an AO Top Soul; second, a Mute Grab Air; third, this sweet, stylish AO Top Acid. Miguel sure is one talented guy, and a genuine dude. — Josh Diaz

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Josh Diaz #3

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  • AP_MUH_FUK_AZ - November 12th, 2009

    What it is, what it aint, my dog Miguel from across the Brooklyn bridge sits n waits for all these old-school heads to join him for a sesh on this sick ledge.

    Quit trying to gain industry fame, grab a camera, snap a few shots and stop it with your constant thots on whether NYC has sick skaters n sick spots.

    If youve got real love for the sport unable of conforming to the norm then show ur true colors and rep ur favorite website inevitably turning your sworn comment name blue.

  • Cody LaPlant - November 12th, 2009

    it’s time for a sensor cleaning…

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