ONE Staff / December 30th, 2009 / Photo Journal


Another trip, another Photo Journal. A few months ago I needed to take a brake from the crazy mess of New York City, so I asked my friend to get me on a flight to Puerto Rico with one of his buddy passes. Which worked, and was amazing ’cause it was a red-eye flight on a Monday and one of my long-lost friends was working at the departure gate. I got to travel first class; there is nothing like a free ticket and first class meal.



Three hours later I got to the great city of Old San Juan. I took the time to walk aroud and take a few shots of the old city. On the walk up to Old San Juan I saw this iguana that looked dead, but it wasn`t. “I’m blending, I’m blending, he can’t see me… I dios me, he saw me.” I had to be at the airport by 10 pm that night, so after a few hours I called a friend to see hif he wanted to get few blade shots in, and this is the shot I felt most fit this random trip to PR. Here you have it, a switch Sweatstance on a ledge in Fajardo. — Josh Diaz

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Josh Diaz #4

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