Sam Cooper / March 4th, 2010 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #1

Truespin Topside Soul

Every year now, since I care to think back, me and the boys have had our annual trip to the amazing city of Barcelona and 2009 was no different from the years previous. With the usual heads out to play, this tight-knit group of friends headed to the sun of Spain in late August, hoping for the best holiday of skating, drinking, hanging out, and genral japery. This year proved to be no let down and without a doubt the best trip to date, but with a heavy night previously day two had a slow start, but once things got moving everyone got well into whatever spot was on the menu. The arrival of day two also marked the arrival of Marat “the crazy Russian,” kicking things off by annihilating this ledge with trick after trick, the true topsoul being the best of a good bunch. I shot the trick using my Sigma 55-200mm and lit it up with a Canon 540EZ Speedlite at 1/4 the power, positioned just down the hill and to the left of the camera, choosing to do so as I wanted to create a spotlight effect on Marat and the trick he was lacing. — Sam Cooper

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  • Scott Moffat - March 4th, 2010

    Good stuff man. I dig the angle through the bush on the left.

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