Sam Cooper / November 24th, 2011 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #13


En route home from a weekend spent with my girl, I popped into Kingston to hook up with Mr. Colins since it had been about a year since we last got together. A lot has happened since our last meeting: a brand new concrete park was built at his doorstep, he’d been on tour in Scotland with Loco Skate, and even won the Loco beach jam. All of these factors and more have obviously had an impact on him because I could instantly see that he has improved so much within a year, which is kind of scary for someone who was good enough already! We spent our day was bombing around west London from spot to spot, getting shots and catching up. But with the impending early evening sunset came a lack in possible shooting locations. Well, that was until Dan took me to a spot he had managed to overlook for years. With the last of the light disappearing at a rapid rate I set up as quickly as possible. Dan delt with this nasty Mute into the bank with so much ease that we managed to get two angles of it, knowing we would have to come back at a later date to get a clip. — Sam Cooper


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