Sam Cooper / November 19th, 2022 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #64

Now living in the first restriction free summer after The Covid 19 pandemic, the smell of opportunity was in the air once again. For the most part the vast majority of people were taking advantage, myself and Radek Kojtych included. We had already spent years forever talking of “working together” on a project. But it was this post-Covid atmosphere that finally made us grasp the nettle with both hands.

Our day out in the leafy suburb of Combe Down in Bath had us aiming for the primary school next to the church. Radek had a curvy rail within its parameters on a long standing hit list, now was the time to end the talk and both begin the project and conquer the beast.

After sending an incredible Top Mistrail around the smaller cornered rail without stomping my head into oblivion (the danger angle for that shot was although self imposed, insane) he then quickly moved his attention onto the big “S” shaped rail. He wanted it — and despite the sky high late summer sun beating down on us, the battle commenced! Radek came out the victor, letting out a scream of joy while punching the air in celebration upon the realisation that he had overcome the spot.

With my trusty Nikon D700 I decided to capture this image utilizing the incredibly sharp Nikkor 70-200 f.2.8 while the natural lighting did most of the work in creating a well lit scene. Still, I made use of my two Canon 540EZs to freeze the action and add a little rim lighting of kinds. This was to help Radek pop further from the background.

Two incredible spots, two incredible tricks. Both of which were realised in an atmosphere of genuine gratitude for our regained freedoms, but also with a renewed vigor to make the most of every moment that is gifted to us. If there is anything to take away from the horrific experience that the global pandemic was, is to make every moment count. — Sam Cooper

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