Sam Cooper / March 11th, 2011 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #9


Just another day with nothing special about it at all, that was untill a message popped up on my Facebook from one of my favourite people, asking me to come get some snaps for Loco Skates, one of his sponsors. Who was I to know that it would all end with me getting a shot I had dreamt of since the moment I first saw it laced? A day later I’m down in Saffron, Walden, at the One Minute park, with Dan going through a number of ideas that were leaving me some what supidfied by just how good he is (and getting some nice shots in the process). After navigating our way around the park for an hour or so we came across the ledge complex, some concepts were thrown around, and after some gentle persuasion Dan started to try rolling up the wall to a front unity on the top of the ledge. A few attempts later, a random flail of his body had us both wondering if the trick he said he only could lace in his Remz (due to the flex) was now on the table in Valos. And then, bam! Two or three really close attempts, amidst a number of tries, lead to the trick being laced so perfectly that we both knew it was even better than the first time. I shot it with my Nikon D50 and Nikkor 50mm lens, using Cyber Syncs to set off two Canon 540EZs, with one to the right at full power and one to the left at half power. This trick in all its ridiculous beauty can be seen here in this wonderfully produced edit by the very tallented Mr. Reavley. — Sam Cooper

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #9

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