Sam DeAngelis / February 10th, 2014 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam DeAngelis #18

It’s always a pleasure to shoot with the very talented Tim Franken. Once a New Jersey native, the burly man now resides in Long Beach, California.

Whenever Tim makes his short trips back to the East Coast we make it a point to meet up and get some work done. Although California is stacked with capable filmers, they clearly don’t understand what it’s like to shoot with Mr. Franken.

Tim is the kinda guy that will try just about anything. So when I saw this death pit wallride from the road I put him up to the challenge. Franken gave me his famous, “Look — I’ll do it, but set all your shit up first because I’m not doing it again.”

To me that’s a “hell yes!”

So I hopped a fence, shimmied down the hill, and weaved my way between jagged rocks to set up a solo flash behind the telephone pole to Tim’s left. I gave the signal and we were off…

I shot this photo at f4 with a shutter of 160 and my nifty fifty fixed lens.

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