Si Cox / July 25th, 2011 / Photo Journal


It’s got to be about 15 years since I last skated this spot. It also feels like the same sort of time since we last saw the sunshine here in Birmingham, but it was out this weekend at last. This is a cool spot, but limited by the main road and some fencing when you’re trying to shoot it. After a while of sessioning the bank in what would be the more traditional way, Dean popped up and did top soul right from the ground, clearing the bank on the way out. Knowing him pretty well, I knew what was next, so I got the flashes out (one camera left, another to camera right on top of the bank), found my angle, and started shooting. Two tries later we had this. Job done. Kit used: 7D, 24-70mm, and two Vivitar 285s. — Si Cox

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Si Cox #2

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