Si Cox / December 7th, 2011 / Photo Journal


Rich is my longest serving friend in the blade game. We both started 18 years ago when we were next door neighbors, sharing a pair of Senecas that we found in his garage. So today, as we both rapidly try to avoid the big 3-0 that is lurking, it was nice to be out enjoying the cold fresh air and skating this drop ledge. I’d already shot here earlier in the summer, so I knew the angle I wanted to shoot this TTP from, it was just down to him to send it. Which he did, nicely. Some days we sit and moan that we’re too old and we’re not having any fun, but more recently those thoughts have been few and far between, and the fun seems to have been injected back in to it. And that’s what’s most important to it all. Surround yourself with your closest friends and go blade, simples. Oh, and camera shit: 7D, fisheye, two Vivtar 285s camera left and right, and an old school eye behind the viewer. — Si Cox

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Si Cox #3

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