Steve Steinmetz / October 3rd, 2012 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Steve Steinmetz #10

One beautiful day this past spring, Dre Powell, Tyron Ballantine, Keegan Jacko, Russel Day, Gil Evans, and Max Manning hit me up to skate. Luckily, my day job didn’t get in the way of an afternoon session because we didn’t end up meeting up till later in the afternoon.

Upon meeting Keegan, I wasn’t sure what to think of the kid. He told me he was from Lansing, Michigan and he was flown out by Andy Wegener, owner of Razors Skate Company, to film for the upcoming E Rod feature entitled “Children of the Future.”

We all skated a famous rail at a park but we got booted right at the end of our session. The boys were all still hungry for another spot, and I had one in mind a few miles away, but we were losing light fast. We got to the spot with about an hour of good light for filming so I even got to skate the ledge a bit before getting down to business taking some photos.

For some reason Keegan wasn’t really feeling the ledge but he was still hitting backside royale while Dre and Russel were pushing the session. Eventually Keegan really showed why he was visiting San Diego as I saw his true style and skill — flawlessly lacing one hell of a rocket fishbrain straight off the end. Unfortunately, my focus was a bit off because of the lack of light so that shot was unusable. I asked Dre Powell to move his car and put his lights on the ledge to help with getting a steady focus. I told Keegan we really should get that shot and he agreed to risk his body in the darkness for the photo. So I set my focus and f-stop for the last two feet of the ledge. Look for this clip and Keegan Jacko in the New Razors DVD.

I shot this at 1/200th on a Nikon D5000 with my lens at 35mm, F6.3, ISO 500. My flash was set to full power about 10 feet away at camera right.

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  • matt oz - October 3rd, 2012

    yea Keegan gettn it in

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