Zach Leavell / March 28th, 2014 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Zach Leavell #7

After moving to Nashville for a year, Ray Kronenberg spent a lot of time having to work. The reality of life kind of sucks sometimes, like losing time to skate and having to work to survive. Ray did skate quite frequently while living in Nashville, but I have known him for years and I know that working more than skating was not what he wanted. He recently made the decision to move back to our hometown of Chattanooga, not because of any bad terms, but to skate more and be with his family. Before he moved, we went on a new spot hunt and found this gap that went into a downhill aggregate driveway. It’s not exactly a prime spot — the run-up curves, there are two poles to go in between, and the driveway was as rough as gravel. These factors are what gave this trick its character though, not all spots here are perfect after all, and that’s what made him want to do this trick. After Ray finished playing with a few different grabs and I fixed a sync issue I was having with one of my strobes, we finally settled on this Stale 180.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Zach Leavell #7

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