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(The following conversation was recorded on Nov. 6, 2006, at 7:48 p.m.)

ONE: We heard the Esco house got shut down. What’s that all about, and where you living now? Can you tell us about the final days of living there?

DS: Esco house, that was like three or four years of fucking ruckus dude – nonstop parties and all that. I’m actually glad to get out of there and be done with it. I think all of us are really. I think we all had our share of that.

So it’s a good step forward for everybody?

Well, yeah, if you call living homeless on a couch a good step forward.

I don’t wanna call that a good step forward…

(Laughs) But, I mean, everyone is finally doing their own thing. In that way it’s a good step forward.

Then what’s your other thing gonna be, besides chilling homeless on the couch?

I don’t have any other things, man. I told you. You already asked what I did all day. I said, “woke up, worked on some tunes, played some video games, ate some pizza…,” maybe later I’ll go to the Chino park or something.

So the only money you get is from your sponsors, sometimes?

Yeah, and that’s if I get it. Or if I get it on time, but yeah – the only source of income I have is my sponsors.

That is pretty crazy man…

Yeah, it’s totally crazy…

Speaking of sponsors, I know you have a new pro skate that’s gonna come out…

Yeah, I’m pretty excited about that.

You’re actually skating on them now, right?

Yeah, I am…

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Photography by Chris Wedman and Jess Dyrenforth.

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  • ryan - January 6th, 2007

    that is just about my favorite jess d shot of all time. can we get a poster of this please!

  • BorisG - May 19th, 2007

    That pic is my favourite. Schude is right! we NEED a poster =)

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