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#27 PREVIEW: Sam Crofts
Frontside / Chichester

One of the first elements of Issue #27 to come into focus was a feature on Sam Crofts. Early on, Sam Cooper said he wanted to shoot with him, so that got locked in and the two got to work. In fact, there’s been a stream of impressive UK coverage in recent issues thanks to Cooper and his camera, and this outing delivered the goods once again. Like this beefy stone ledge that sounds like an unwaxed piece of pool coping. According to “legend” this clip exists because of a random passerby, which in its own way is a fine example of the impact Sam Crofts has on his environment once he puts his mind to accomplishing a trick. Whether that be a giant disaster grind in the city center as seen in his pro skate promos, or the photos he and Cooper made together. But beyond the striking images that made it into the print mag (that we’re not showing here yet), the story behind Sam’s blading career as teased out by James Bower and Matthew Stewart provides compelling reading and a blueprint of sorts for anyone that wonders how they can chase their blading goals. Cheers to the entire team for a job well done, and check out the full interview in Issue #27.

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Sam Crofts

Sam Crofts / Frontside

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Photos by Sam Cooper

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