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#27 FEATURE: ANEW Skate or Climb Tour

Last summer Sayer Danforth sent us an email about a mini tour to Albuquerque he was planning for his brand, ANEW, with Adam Bazydlo, Luke Bender, and a few others for skating and climbing. Planning to film the trip and realizing that would occupy his focus, Sayer asked if we could suggest any blader-photographers to accompany them to nab pics for Issue #27. As it happened, there was someone we thought could deliver in front of and behind the camera: Mick Casals. Sayer didn’t really know Mick, but they linked up and he joined the outing. And now with the issue printed and Sayer’s awesome “Skate or Climb” edit released, we’re happy to report it all worked out great. Huzzah! So, to commemorate the trip and celebrate the new edit, here’s a look at some of the pics that didn’t make it into the magazine but that showcase tricks and moments that capture memories from time spent with friends.

* * * *

Checking Clips

The trip started out in Taos where the guys session at the Taos Youth Center Skatepark. Everyone got clips, but here Adam is behind the shutter as Mick worked on nailing a clean fishbrain.

Basecamp Bazydlo

The guys set up camp in the Jiminez Mountains where they enjoyed fine weather and clear skies. Adam caught some rays.

Seeking Shade

During the climbing expedition the sun was relentless, so the guys take shelter where they can find it.

“To da top!”

If you follow Adam on socials then you know he spends a lot of time in the mountains outside Denver, climbing around on rocks. He was right in his element.

Under Fish to Royale

Outside a hotel in Taos was an uncommonly low rail with the requisite terrible run up. Adam got tech anyway with some underbar to topbar transfers.

AO Porn 3 Out

During a session at UNM Mick did his “signature” AO Porn 360 out on this baby bump to high ledge. Sayer was on the shutter.

Ready for the Ditch

Prepping to roll the two smooth miles of the Indian School Ditch.

Channel 1 Stall

Somewhere in the ditch Mick got technical on this DIY transition to ledge with a Channel 1 stall up on top. Adam was cameraman for this one.

Bombing the Trail

Can’t lie, the trail bombing looks awesome and worth a trip to NM alone. The section in the video shows just how hard these guys shredded it.

Adam and a spot

If you’ve seen Issue #27 then you know what happens at this spot. It’s a dope trick from Adam that goes along with his knack for making hard and scary things seem way too simple.

Thanks to Sayer, Mick, Adam, Luke and the whole ANEW team for a job well done. It was a pleasure collaborating with you guys on a really cool project. Here’s to the next one.

[The END]

Photos by Mick Casals with select images by Adam Bazydlo and Sayer Danforth

Edit by Sayer Danforth for ANEW

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