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Be Part of Sunday Session XX

For the past four months, a group of bladers in San Diego has met up every Sunday to film for a weekly edit. These came to be known as Sunday Sessions. And they have been a lot of fun for us to make. And we hope they have been as much fun to watch. But the demands associated with making an edit every single week have become too much to bear. It is untenable. So something has to change. What’s changing is this: we’re stopping the weekly deals at edit #20. We’ll still blade every Sunday, but the edits will come monthly. A larger video project will get underway. Re-mix edits and “Best Of” edits will get re-chopped out of our then 5-months of shredding. But to end this experiment on a high note we need your help: we want you to join in our session.

In a day or two we’ll post our sixteenth edit in as many weeks. Like we said, four months straight. Over the next four weeks, we’d like you to get out with your crew for Sunday Sessions in your area. And if you’re feeling extra ambitious or generous, send us your clips! We’ll use them to make a Sunday Session XX edit that’s extra special. We’ve already reached out to friends all over the world to contribute, so do your part too!

Video requirements:
HD at 1080 or 720 @ 60fps
Clips should have skater name and location in file name
Contributed footage is your property
All clips must be submitted by 8/4/2012 via digital file transfer

That’s all we can think of. Please drop any other questions in the comments below, and we’ll answer as best we can.

Thanks. We look forward to the session! And here’s some motivation compliments of the San Diego homies…

Discussion / Be Part of Sunday Session XX

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  • Neil - July 9th, 2012

    Is this open for international bladers as well?
    And I assume we send the clips via postage?

  • JE - July 9th, 2012

    Neil, open to all bladers worldwide. Final edit is up to us, but everything received will be considered. Please use YouSendIt or WeTransfer to send us your files. Thanks!

  • Neil - July 11th, 2012

    We going blading this Sunday so hopefully get a few clips!

    South Africa represent.

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