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BIG DEAL: Breakfast… uh, it’s a video

From the middle of nowhere comes a small blade flick from an even smaller town. Branching out of Cheshire, CT, BREAKFAST features sections of Casey Geraghty, Mike Dempsey, John Lyke, and a split section with Nick Taylor and Zach Smith. This video will be posted online for free (in HD) on December first. — Drew Amato

Drew Amato (DA): What’s up, boners?

Mark Golembeski (MG): Hi, butt head.

DA: Interview readyyyyyyy… Go! What got you guys into video?

Mike Dempsey (MD): “The first time I got a camera muuuuuuuh” (stupid sloth voice)

MD: I always had a video camera growing up, filming all the stuff I thought was funny, and then I wanted it to look good so I kept at it, and now it’s all I do.

MG: What got me into video? Uhhhh, well, I dunno. When I first started hanging out with Mike (Dempsey) and (Mike) Riccitelli I started to get into—(cut off

by a weird noise from computer)


Mike Dempsey * Stale 180

DA: Mike, describe the Black Bandit Media crew in five words or less.

MG: That takes years of practice.

MD: No, it doesn’t. I would say ‘underpants,’ and ‘kings.’

MG: Ha, ha, ha, I would say ‘handy baggage claim.’ No no, never mind, don’t put that in, that’s stupid. I’m dumb.

DA: How often do you guys actually eat breakfast?

MG: Every morning. What a stupid question.

MD: Sometimes more than every morning.

(Mark says something dumb about low sodium eggs and bacon.)

The Directors

DA: Aside from the fact that it’s free and fully HD, what makes this video awesome?

MD: Nick. ( a bunch of laughter) That’s it. Next question.

DA: What are the benefits of an online video?

MD: More people see it, it’s more fun to show everyone, you don’t lose copies, you can watch it wherever you are.

MG: It’s good promotion for amateur skaters.

DA: What’s the funniest thing you’ve encountered filming for this video?

MD: NICK. (laughter)

MG: Ha, ha, ha seriously though, what is? Probably Maine, but Mike wasn’t there.

Across the room

DA: Maine was pretty lame.

MG: Yeah, it was.

MD: Traveling was the funnest part.

DA: I said funniest, idiot.

MD: Watching the footage, you forgot about not realizing how funny the stuff was until you watch it again.

MG: ROSEN AT WORK IS HILARIOUS. Casey’s brother is hilarious. Casey is hilarious.

(Mark goes off about Nick’s Facebook status and starts rambling about getting views.)

Breakfast Crew

DA: Well, this interview sucks; any last words?

MG: Handjobs.

MD: Rollerblading interview.

Photos and mediocre interview © 2009 Drew “Lost in Connecticut” Amato

Discussion / BIG DEAL: Breakfast… uh, it’s a video

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  • Drew Amato - November 30th, 2009

    hahahah justin you son of a bitch

  • Greg King - December 1st, 2009

    Interesting interview. The video looks promising.

  • andrewsmolak - December 1st, 2009

    Boom! I can’t wait to watch Dempsey’s section.

  • j.robison - December 1st, 2009

    black bandit media

    the underpant kings



  • BenKarris - December 2nd, 2009

    This video is dope!

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