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SPOTLIGHT: Skater of the Year Nominations

Alex Browskow. John Bolino. These are your previous SKATER OF THE YEAR award recipients. Who will earn that title this time? It’s up to you to decide. Starting today (12/1), nominations will run for one month and close on 1/1/2012. Two weeks later the Top 10 most nominated bladers will go head-to-head in voting to determine the next SKATER OF THE YEAR. The winner will be announced at BCSD XII. We look forward to your decision. — ONE

The ONE Magazine Skater of the Year is determined as follows:

Step 1: Open nominations from 12/1 until 1/1

Step 2: Top 10 nominees are listed for voting from 1/15 until 2/15

Step 3: Skater with the most votes is announced as Skater of the Year at BCSD XII

No bullshit. No hype. Just you and your opinion. Whether you judge on contest results, DVD sections, online sections, style or attitude, it doesn’t matter. Your voice helps the blade community recognize a skater for their individual contribution to blading. That’s what it’s about.


Discussion / SPOTLIGHT: Skater of the Year Nominations

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  • Dragonslayer - December 2nd, 2011

    Richie Eisler ftw

  • Rob C - December 2nd, 2011

    Nils Jansons

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