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Chad Hornish – Dream in Pink

If blading had Free Agency, then Chad Hornish would be one of the hottest names on the market. A determined, lone wolf blader that floats amongst many peer groups and flies himself around the world to wreck havoc on events everywhere. His most recent project (besides an appearance in ONE #25) is the brand-new, all-street VOD he put together with collaborator Ryan Buchanan. These two have made some really cool edits in the past, but with “DREAM IN PINK” they elevate to new levels for Chad’s satisfaction and your viewing enjoyment. We asked the main man a few questions about the edit, and he was kind enough to answer through IG chat while standing on a ramp at Winterclash. What a pro.

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Chad, what should everyone know about “DREAM IN PINK”?
Dream In Pink is me and Ryan Buchanan’s first attempt at making a VOD. This piece is filmed 100% in Arizona. It’s a full street section with a mix of brand new spots, and a few old ones that people may recognize as old DL spots.

How long did you guys work on it?
This section has taken more time than we both would have liked. Over a year. Jan 2019-present.

Cab Sweatstance 270

What sort’ve challenges did you face while filming?
Many. With me traveling almost every month, and Ryan having a full time (Mon-Fri) job along with a daughter on the weekends made getting the time to film pretty difficult. That and finding all new spots that haven’t been already killed throughout the years by past pros.

Where do you rank this on your overall, all-time output?
This is THE edit. This is THE one. It’s ranked very high on my list and I am very proud of what Ryan and I were able to produce with the windows of time that we had.

Day Dreaming (in pink)

What does “DREAM IN PINK” mean to you?
To me it means the world. I put blood sweat and tears into this. And to have it be finally completed feels amazing.

Thanks dude! We dug it a lot.
Thank you, ONE! And thank you to everyone who has purchased and supported me so far, and throughout the years.

[The END]

Pick up DREAM IN PINK here:

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