ONE Staff / May 19th, 2012 / Spotlight
Escape To Peoria 2

Hawke Trackler has been a reliable, entertaining, and talented filmer and editor for a long time now. From his “Living Life” series to his numerous comp edits, Hawke is always putting something together for our enjoyment. His latest creation was the “Escape to Peoria 2” edit. Hawke and I have a mutual friend in Codee Jennings, and we spent last weekend visiting him in Peoria. I did not have a problem giving all my footage to Hawke right away, because I knew he would put out something solid. This edit features some of the most talented Peoria, Illinois skaters along with a group from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We tend to stray away from most normal spots, and Peoria has a plethora of unique obstacles. This edit was filmed in just under ten hours of blading, in what was a marathon weekend covering more than 1,200 miles. Watch as Hawke presents our latest, and certainly not our last, blading weekend in Peoria. — Bruce Bales

Watch Escape to Peoria 1 here.

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