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Go! Sports x Car Free NYC: Making Bladers in Manhattan

Legendary NYC blader Jon Ortiz is part of Go! Sports USA, a group committed to alternative sports programming and getting America’s youth to be active. And on this particular day in April we caught up with Jon and the Go! Sports team as they took part in Car Free NYC, part of a summer-long programming initiative to cut down on traffic and reliance on powered transportation throughout the city. What this meant for a handful of bladers was blocks and blocks of Broadway were clear of cars for us to enjoy worry-free. It was awesome! But even cooler than just shredding the city streets was watching Jon and his team get so many new skaters on blades! Their program is really working, and here’s the man himself to tell you a bit about how and why it works. Check it out!

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Jon Ortiz

Throughout the day Jon or his team of instructors would do just about anything to make getting on skates easy for people of all abilities. That’s what it takes — putting skates on feet.

Christian Delfino

You never know who you’ll see in the city, and it was a great surprise to run into Christian Delfino for a chance to catch up, cruise through the city, and even get a pretty great taco.

Justin Brasco

Tough guy Justin Brasco here was charging through the streets on some 68mm flats while the rest of us enjoyed 80mm and up. Proof you can haul ass on just about anything.

Anthony Esquivel

GL Joe has a little brother and we got to skate about 30 miles around Manhattan and Brooklyn with Anthony Esquivel and we look forward to doing it again.

Jon Ortiz

Have you ever seen this guy do a soyale? How about a backslide? He’s pretty good.


Arnav Shah, better known as Sonic, is a speed skating record holder and the proud owner of the most complicated and cool custom carbon fiber skate boots we’ve ever seen.

Mike Torres

Most of you know this guy, Mike Torres, so be on the lookout for his next video project featuring Sonic!

Thanks to everyone for the hospitality and good times — and special shout out to the Go! Sports USA team for being true professionals in their quest to make new bladers.

[The END]

To learn more about Go! Sports USA check their site HERE

For more on Car Free NYC check HERE

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