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Lukas Sladek & The Prototype Frames

Last week a video hit the web showing a brand-new concept in frame mounting. This new system promises to simplify and speed-up the process of changing over your frames. We touched base with creator Lukas Sladek to find out more. Here’s what he told us…

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Hey Lukas, seems like the internet really likes the idea of your new frames. What do you think about the response?
I think it has been good.

Where exactly do you live and how long have you been blading?
I am from a small city close to Ukraine called Humenne (Slovak republic), but for the last three years I’ve been in Prague (Czech republic). It is a very nice historical city with a lot of options for skating and ways to live. If you haven’t visited yet, you need to change that.

And I started to skate when I was 12 and now I am 29 years old, that mean it is 17 years.

Can you tell us about a great experience you had while skating?
I can’t remember now. (Editor’s note: Best answer ever.)

Tell us more about how you came up with this design.
I first had the idea for the concept about six months ago, at my old job. But it’s come a long way from then to what you’ve seen now.

You mentioned in the video that you had professional experience with design or engineering. Can you tell us more about those projects?
Since college I’ve had many jobs, but the most interesting was probably a project at the Galery of Modern Art in Paris (Louis Vuitton foundation). I spent 11 months on that project, working with planning and construction for light peripheral housing and buildings.

Right now I do manufacturing at a company that makes and develops airplane engines. But I would like to work in the rollerblading industry, that is my dream.

How did you go about manufacturing the prototypes seen in your edit?
I started by designing the frame in a 3D program on my computer. From there I created 2D production drawings, bought materials, and found a friend who help make these prototypes with the help of a CNC machine at a small factory in my hometown.

Have you experimented with materials other than nylon / fiberglass for the rail system?
It was simple choice because nylon is probably the only material suitable and available for prototype frames if you are financed like an individual and not a company. But for main production it would be better to choose something different. For exemple, I like the material from Kizer’s Fluid 3 frame.

What frames were you skating on before you make your own?
For about seven years I skated Xsjado mook frames, but now I prefer a classic frame setup with eight wheels.

Would there be a way to retroactively make existing frames work with your system?
I am not working with that idea.

Some people are concerned about the extra 5mm of height and the extra weight caused by the additional material. What do you think about those concerns?
I think there is no problem with “extra 5mm.” For example, Kaltik flat frames or Kizer Slimline frames are also higher than other frames and nobody has a problem with that.

With the powerblading setup, a 72mm wheel with my system works out to being like a classic 80mm powerblade setup. Here’s the math: 72mm wheel + 1mm space + 5mm extra = 78mm, vs. 80mm wheel + 1mm space = 81mm.

I’ve also done testing and found out that the weight of my frames is almost the same as Kaltik flat frames, but don’t forget it is just a prototype right now! I plan to work on reducing weight even more.

Have any larger blade companies reached out to you?
Not yet.

Have you see the quick-release design from Chronic x GoodDay? Thoughts on a two-point mountingsystem vs. the rail you’ve created?
Yes, I saw that. They looks good too.

You almost “threaten” the industry by saying if no one works with you you’ll just do it yourself. Any thoughts on how you’d go about that – maybe raise money on Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is also possibility, we will see…

Any other specs, details or just stuff we should know before we let you go?
I just want to say one thing for everybody who help me with this project —
thank you!

Well best of luck Luka, we can’t wait to see what happens with this.

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  • Erik Burrow - April 18th, 2014

    Editors note had my dying

  • MARC - April 20th, 2014

    Let’s see Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey or Billy Oneill skate this frame and not end up in a heap on the floor. Can you imagine attempting the Drip Drop gap in this? This is a solution to nothing. It’s an imaginary problem.

  • Rob - April 20th, 2014

    Mark, I’d say that’s a pretty narrow minded remark. So much of the innovation in our sport over the years has been from riders wanting to try something new, and not just out of necessity. You could have said the same thing about the UFS system before it came around. We were fine without it, but are much better off with it. Considering that our sport continues to expand and evolve, especially with the multiple frame styles being used, this is a great innovative idea that I guarantee will be developed to the level needed to hold up to the toughest skating. If the creativity and product design of our industry was left up to people like you, we’d still be using grind plates and rolling around on RB lightnings.

    I am looking forward to watching this concept turn into something big. In order to keep this sport alive, we must keep evolving. Keep up the good work Lukas.

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