ONE Staff / March 29th, 2012 / Spotlight
Omar Wysong back on blades

In blading rumors are dime-a-fuckin’-dozen. Whether people are “focus grouping” by judging crowd reaction, trolling for lols or actually spilling the beans, if you paid attention or swallowed every kernel of ‘insight’ in blading you’d have choked to death a long time ago.

But sometimes a rumor turns out to be true. Like in this case, where whispers of a Wysong on blades have filtered from LA to SD, and now the proof is in the pics (and edits).

Now that these rumors have proven themselves true, we wonder what the story is with another piece of the rumor — that Ramo Song has a fashion line in the works.

Know what’s up with that?

Discussion / Omar Wysong back on blades

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