ONE Staff / November 3rd, 2006 / Spotlight
ON THE SCENE: Accidental Machines Premiere

The is the end

This is what it looks like when the “writing on the wall” gets reduced to letters on a sidewalk.

'Cause I got a big dick

These guys are cool and all, and Billy laid down a hot section, but the big question is where the hell is Murda’s arm?

That was Yawnsome!

Locked in a battle to appear unimpressed. Classic yawn-off.

A friendly chap

Oli Short is a cool dude.

What's going on?

Bailey dressed like a lumber jack and gave the Vicious bearing packaging the thumbs up.


Look deep into Pat’s eyes and realize you will never know what goes on inside his head.

White magic

If we ever hear that this guy is leading a group of believers in some self-sufficient wilderness commune where they may or may not commit mass suicide we wouldn’t be all that surprised.

Discussion / ON THE SCENE: Accidental Machines Premiere

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  • amiramadi - November 7th, 2006

    man that was a goodtime. im behind jeff and dustin that picture. pretty sweet . ha

  • BorisG - November 19th, 2006

    oh,, that’s Cmurduhhh on that pic

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