Frank Stoner / October 31st, 2013 / Spotlight
PARCHED by Jay Geurink

Jay Geurink released his summer buddy flick Parched online earlier this morning. The video offers an informal glimpse at Austin’s blade scene, and sketches a narrative of the many skatepark sessions that took place there over the summer.

Beyond the standard inclusion of some well known guys, some unknown guys, and all the remarks one could make about filming, editing, and so on, Parched presents a view of Austin that is sincere, honest, and true to the experience of skating through the blazing hot temperatures, the rare but torrential downpours, and the whipping wind that earned the film its title.

While Jay insisted that the video was intended primarily for his local audience and blade family, we still think it shows the camaraderie, playfulness, and candor that belong in every scene, at every session, and in every skate video.

Parched features skating from well-known guys like Andrew Broom, Ant Medina, Cody Sanders, Jarrod Banning, Mick Casals, and Mason Richard, and it also highlights great skating and antics from local personalities like Heath Burley, Tim Logan, Ross Puryear, Eddie Bravo and Timona Kasue, as well as blading from Olderbladers like Micah Yeager, Frank Stoner, Jarrod McBay, Josh Castillo, Jan Welch and recent Utah transplant Kirill Braynin.

Additionally, Parched features music from Austin bands like The Crooks, rollerblader Chris Rosi’s band Plateaus, and several piano chorales by Texas native Ross Puryear.

Discussion / PARCHED by Jay Geurink

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  • jarrod mcbay - November 1st, 2013

    Great job on the video jay and great words frank love Yall

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