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PRINT: 15 Minutes with Jon Robinson

How did you get hooked up to be in a NOFX video?

Again, this is just me, receiving opportunities, and taking advantage of them. Shane Nelson called me out of the blue one day and asked me to be in their video that he was helping produce. He told me to dress like a priest and show up at this bar in Minneapolis called The Triple Rock. I showed up just to be an extra, but everyone got so wasted they got kicked out and there’s good ol’ Jon Robinson still standing there.

P.S. — Partying with NOFX is everything you’d imagine: They’re hilarious, they drink hard and they talk to you like you’re one of their old friends.

I remember you always being very political. Explain yourself?

Politics are dynamic. They are constantly changing, there are always new solutions, there are always new problems, and there is never a final solution. I very much enjoy thinking, reading, and discussing about how to live the good life, how to structure a society, and the reasons people have to do so. I’m sure that in fourth grade I knew I wanted to major in political science. 

What’s your opinion on Obama?

Could you be a little bit more vague? (SNL joke)… Every time I see Arlo he always calls me his favorite Republican because at the ripe age of 18 I was a huge conservative. My views have swung way to the other side of the political spectrum, to where I border on socialism/communism. In college I read much communist literature that seemed to make more sense to me than my former conservative papers. I presently hold communist views in my utopian sense of things. I do, however, have a realistic view of U.S. government policy. I like the positions Obama takes on most issues. The people he has put in most of the cabinet positions are reasonable. With interest groups and corporations steadily rising in power, there needs to be a strong public sector to keep them in check. He’s moving a little slow for me, but as stupid as conservatives are these days (thank you shitty mainstream media), I realize the dead weight he has to dealt with. 

If you were president what would you do?

Where to start… I would prefer our system of democracy turned to parliamentary, instead of the current crappy presidential winner-take-all system. My cabinet nominees would be persons from watchdog agencies who held transparency and communal obligations through a strong public sector as their core beliefs. I would invest way more time and money into resolving the Mexican drug problem (where I believe our next national emergency will come from). Along those lines, I would work to build stronger ties with South America. Also, judicial nominees would be very liberal. There would be much public investment in local governments and small businesses. I wouldn’t be as nice to religious fundamentalists — or religions for that matter — Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, whatever — I have little care for people using their mythical gods to kill or impose beliefs in any form. Impose through the ballot box. 

How’s marriage and being a dad?

Marriage is fine. Insert whatever cliché you want here, but I’m happy. Being a dad rules. My daughter is the coolest. Parenthood is such a challenging endeavor with rewards around every corner. I highly recommend it when you’re ready. It changes your perspective on life. You stop being the central reason for your actions. Traveling, camping, being poor, being rich, going to school, volunteering — nothing changes your life perspective like having kids.

Do you plan on bartending forever, or are there other plans in the future?

Presently I am happy just bartending. I like to joke that I have two degrees and… two jobs (I bartend at two different places), so I guess that’s how it’s supposed to work. Bartending, however, allows me more family time. I usually work four days a week, and since the shifts don’t start until later, I get maximum daughter time. It is risky, knock on wood, skating and having a job where you don’t get paid time off — or can’t work with an injury — but so far so good. I imagine starting some type of restaurant consulting business in the future, or maybe becoming a tennis-pro too (I play lots of tennis), but for now bartending works fine. 

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Discussion / PRINT: 15 Minutes with Jon Robinson

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  • that dude jay - December 25th, 2010

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