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Roman Abrate Talks BCSD XIII

Roman, BCSD was last weekend and you took 2nd place. Congratulations! What was the event like for you?
Thanks a lot! I’m very happy with 2nd place because the Bitter Cold Showdown is probably the most important U.S skating event. There were a lot of people there to skate and watch the show, so I’m very glad that I could take part in the event again. “What was the event like for me?” Hmmm… cold! Ha ha. Seriously, this weekend was really fun. It was sweet to meet up again with everyone that I haven’t seen in a long time. Everybody was friendly, and we had fun together.

How about the other competitors? Did you get a chance to see what the other dudes were doing during the finals?
To be honest, during the finals I stayed quite focused on my skating so I wasn’t really able to notice what was happening around me. Despite that, I’ve seen several great tricks, especially CJ Wellsmore’s, and that sick 450 top acid by Wake! There were also a lot of other very skilled skaters that I’m not used to seeing that impressed me on the curb to gap for sure. (Like that 270 back backslide to top porn — pretty crazy!)

What was your favorite trick you landed?
This is quite a tough question, as I can’t really tell what my fave tricks were. It’s just my kind of skating and I’m used to it, but now I’m trying to progress and do some new stuff. Unfortunately, I was very close to landing my Kangaroo Flip (dub flat) but didn’t getit, though it will be landed in the near future for sure!

How about when you put on your helmet? Had you always planned to throw that trick, or was that just spontaneous?
Ha ha, yeah, I heard many people telling me that they were surprised to see me puting on a helmet and wondering what the hell I was going to do! Some tricks can be dangerous and I want to be sure not to hurt myself, especially when I don’t control the trick well. That’s why I put on a helmet and this, no matter what people think, must remain cool — skating while being careful!

But yes, it was quite spontaneous! I had not really planned to do my Kangaroo Flip, but I was motivated for the finals and thought it was a good time to give it a try. Ha ha. I will not let it go and I hope I can get it soon, but I still have plenty of ideas for big tricks so I must carry on.

This year introduced the first-ever Aggressive Mall Champion Bowl contest, and you skated in it. CJ won that too, but did you think about having that event before the main contest?
Ah, the Aggressive Mall Champion Bowl contest was really sweet! Indeed, I’m not too skilled in bowls but there was a good ambiance and we were there to have fun and chill. The way the contest took place was during forty minutes everybody skated together, which is a good time and you get to watch each other. CJ and the others skated damn well! Super contest, thanks AMall!

While in Detroit I know you experienced some restaurants you didn’t find quite satisfactory, and I saw you at the Bar Bar. What was that like for you? What did you eat at Coney Island?
Ha ha ha ha, news travels fast! Indeed, it may be being a chef, but I’m pretty picky about what I eat, and I paid attention. In the restaurant where I went it was impossible to find a bottle of water, and to me that seemed completely incredible given that this is the basis of our diet and we should be able to find some anywhere. In Coney Island, I ate a plate of bolognese because I love pastas and I was pleased to find a dish that I knew!

As we all know, turns out this is the final BCSD. Are you glad you got to compete in the event while it lasted?
I’m very glad that I got the opportunity to travel to Detroit. I booked my flight at the last minute and I don’t regret it at all. The event was amazing — definitely worth the detour. It is sad to know that this year was the last Bitter Cold; many events disappear and we don’t enjoy them enough when we are part of it. I believe too many people talk shit while others make things happen and offer a great weekend like the one I spent at the Bitter Cold this year. I thank Daniel Kinney for all his effort.

What’s next on your schedule?
For the next few days I’m gonna relax with my girl and friends and ski a little bit. Then the heyday will come and many events are coming up too! I also have to work on new big tricks and film for new street and park edits. There are many events that will take place soon and I can’t wait for them!

Anything else you’d like to add?
I’d like to thank ONE mag for this little interview, and thanks to my sponsors and everybody for the support. It’s always nice to spend some time at the events and meet all you guys. At the BCSD it was exactly 10 years since I started skating! I had so many good times and it’s probably the best thing that has happened in my life.

Well all right! Good stuff, Roman. Thanks again for your time… keep on shredding!

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