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Seattle: ONE + Shop Task

Ever wonder what it’s like to work and skate in the Seattle blade scene? Let XMAS take you through a day with Brian Long running the Seattle Shop Task location before venturing out to a typical WNS. Then experience a day of skating and filming with Carter LeBlanc for his upcoming video Chance of Rain 2. We asked XMAS a few questions about the project. Check out his answers below…

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So XMAS, this is a really great look at a blading slide-of-life. How did the vision come together?
This project was super simple to put together. With any story you need specific pieces to move the narrative, and with this project I had three bullet points to hit: What is Seattle all about? Who are the skaters? Highlight a single skater. This is nothing more than a “broll” edit with specific topics.

How much planning went into this thing?
Absolutely zero planning aside what was mentioned above. I just go with the flow. If a session happens it happens. If not I make sure to capture content another way.

What do you learn about your friends and the dynamics of a session when you film it the way you have here?
I really enjoy learning a skater’s limits. Knowing what they’re thinking. Micro expressions tell a lot. Dynamics of a session is an interesting way to put it. Every skater is different. Capturing real life interruptions like cars and Ronda Walkup is always a fun challenge.

Anything specific you want to mention about moments in the edit or things that went into it, or were unspoken on camera but deserve a shout out?
Something not mentioned was the attitude Seattle street skaters have towards the inline industry as a whole. Almost all the skaters in Seattle have embraced all forms of inline skating. In the winter we race and dance around the roller rinks, in the summer we bbq and have skatecross events, on the weekends we cruise the lake. Seattle is a strong advocate of just having fun. We love kicking it with scooter riders. We film alongside skateboarders. In the end we all just want to drink a cold one, throw down the cones, and shred some fucked up rail spot. #samasken #chanceofrain2

Well we look forward to seeing more of you work, man. Keep it up!
Thanks, bud.

For more info on Shop Task Seattle hit ’em up HERE.

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  • Mat - December 20th, 2016

    Can anyone suggest a good full length video? And where to get it?

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