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Shredpool: The Interview

Instagram “Discovery” is a hell of a thing, and that’s why we’re all here today to talk about a man in a red suit and mask blading around the parks and streets of New England. Despite our initial disbelief when we first saw a Shredpool clip, a quick scroll through his timeline showed that nope, this is a thing. And we had to know more! So we slid into Pool’s DMs and wrangled up this change to get more info on the story behind the suit. **SPOILER ALERT** The reason just might surprise you. So read on to learn more about your friendly neighborhood Pool-guy…

* * * * *

Okay Shredpool — what the hell are you doing?! When did you start doing this?
What the hell are you doing?! Hell of a way to treat a lady… Oh, I see what happened there. My mistake. I’m just having a blasty blast. When did I start doing this…? Hrmm… If by this you mean answering your question, then now… I started now. If this means when was I born? Let’s say early ‘80s… If you mean when I got hooked on the Fruitboots? I’d say somewhere around ’94-95. It’s been an apple a day ever since…

Backflip 180 fear for my safety

Are you a comics Deadpool or a movie Deadpool?
This is a pretty common mistake people make. You’re confusing me with Wade Wilson. I’m sorta a failed cloning experiment… I mean, the cloning was a success, but I don’t have any special abilities. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have healing powers, but it’s at the same rate as the average human. 

But yeah, to get back to the question, Deadpool is kinda family. You see, long story… long, I was created from Wade’s DNA (I’m hoping hair) found at Ajax’s Workshop. So Deadpool is kinda my uncle-slash-second-cousin-slash-father-slash -pop-pop… It’s really confusing, I know. Even some of his memories have mixed with mine. I can’t look at a unicorn without feeling sick. Luckily they are extinct…

How does a Shredpool session go down? Do you wear the outfit to the park, or do you change into it in the park’s cold, piss-stained bathroom?
Trick question! It’s not piss-stained until I get through with it. NEXT!

Top porn, reaaaal rough like

What’s the funniest story you can tell us about skating as Shredpool?
One time at band camp… nah, you’re not ready for that one. But okay, I’ve got one… one time I was driving to a session and I took a sip out of my thermos and almost drove into a god damn bridge abutment. I thought it was filled with milk (cause it does a body good) and it was OJ. Was not ready for that. Haha hilarious… 

I’m always preaching Unity…

Like Deadpool, how many iterations of your suit have their been? Or did you just nail it on the first take?
Well, every Easter, I get Uncle Wade’s hand-me-downs. They usually smell like roses. And roses really smell like poo-oo-oo. It would be nice to get a mask with better peripheral vision. Every trick I do makes me have a minor heart attack. And it would be nice if I didn’t have to wear the brown pants underneath the suit…

Hanging at Shredquarters

Has anyone ever dressed as a villain to blade against you? That would be a fun session ahaha.
You know, you don’t really run into as many super villains as you may think blading around. Although there was this little kid at the Walmart who kept hitting me in the back of my legs with his mom’s cart. Things could’ve escalated if I didn’t handle them properly. I simply shuffled over to him and calmly stated “LISTEN YOU LITTLE FARTKNOCKER!!! You think you’re so tough cuz your mom is here?! Meet me on the playground after school and Ill show you how to Dougie… :Honk: :Honk:……… ” Does that count?

time to get Schwifty

Since donning the suit, can you imagine blading without it?
I don’t do anything without it. Anything…  Wink Wink…. High Five!

Feel like giving away your real identity? 😉

F@#K the BS Bs Backslide

Any thanks to inspirations or homies?
Yeah. On a less serious note, I’d like to thank all my blader buddies: Matt Ardine, who started the fruitboot journey with me all those years ago. Jimmy Calo, Shawn Tuttle and Ryan Shea for keeping it goin’ through high school. Gregory Ambrose (@Skatesy_Jones) for acting a fool with me recently. Matt Quesada for always being down to have an old man sesh even if he’s the only skateboarder. My brother from another mother, Brian (@Pale_Peter_Parker), for being my friendly neighborhood videographer. And 100x thanks to my wife, Mmmy Wiiiiife Sarah, for remaining so, even with all the spandex running around the house.

And I’d like to shout out to my buddy Taylor Green, who I wish was still around to see this. He passed away this year and he’s the one who deserves to be profiled. Going through all our old skate videos and photos recently inspired me to jump back into blading these past few months. 

Taylor Green / Bs Royale

That, mixed with seeing the Deadpool documentary (yes, documentary), and finding out Wade Wilson was a rollerblader in the comics (which I firmly believe was making fun of the sport), pushed me to roll with it (pun intended — I hate when people say no pun intended. I mean, you drew attention to it by mentioning puns). It all came together to inspire me to create @project_SHREDPOOL. I’m just so glad that people are enjoying my weird sense of humor. Without them I wouldn’t —eh, let’s be honest, Id’ still be doing it, but I’d just be laughing by myself.

Re-energize with a bath

Well cool man, we dig it the most. Keep it up! MAXIMUM EFFORT!
Bumble Bee Tuna, your balls are showing…

Photos by Lawrence Roy, Richard Knowles, and Brian Graver.

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  • bruh - November 27th, 2016

    i love how this shit took the fuck off

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