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Talking 311 with B Love

B Love & Chad Sexton / ’96

We understand you just worked on a video for 311, and we know you’ve been a super-fan for a long time. Wanna give a quick recap of your history with the band?
In 1995, I met with Nick Hexum and interviewed him for Daily Bread. The next day I went on tour for the filming of Hoax 2. We got an advanced copy of the album and just listened to 311 a lot on that tour. That’s how their music ended up in the video. After that tour I started following them, show after show, and grew close with them over the following years.

What do you think about the possibility that some readers are hearing about 311 for the first time right here, in this little interview? Does that blow your mind?
I can’t fathom that! Is it true? Ha, ha.

How does the 311 attitude/sound fit in with the reality we live in now in 2014? Does it strike the same chords for you as it did in the ’90s?
Great question. I don’t know how it fits honestly. Oddly enough, I still see young people at their shows! So they stay relevant and their live shows are great! I’ll never stop going to them.

I have heard a few tracks off of their new album, Stereolithic, that is coming out soon, and there is some really nice striking chords on this one. Chords that bring me back to the ’90s! Can’t wait for the release.

Okay so tell us about the project — how did it come together?
Brian Bowen-Smith texted me and asked me if I would like to do some editing. I said yes, and didn’t have a clue what it was for until he handed me the footage and we scrubbed through it to get his vision of what the video would look like.

What exactly was your job on set?
I wasn’t there for the shoot. Just edited it.

You and Brian Smith have been friends since as long as blading… but have you guys worked on much stuff together, or was this a first?
We have worked together once on a YouTube sensation kid, but I don’t count that. I am going to count this as the first time.

What’s the response been to the video?
The response has been great! The band loves it. My friends that are 311 fans have all congratulated me and have shown great support. They know how much I love 311 and how passionate I am. The video is really basic. No gimmicks. The way it was filmed and Brian’s vision and art expertise really made the video as awesome as it is.

How has the evolution of technology/digital videography changed the workflow for these sorts of projects since you first entered the production racket? Does it make it easier or harder?
Definitely easier. A video like this would have taken two days to shoot and weeks of editing afterwards to get that film look we accomplished. If you are a person that appreciates the color and look of video, then you will like this look, and it’s all technology-based. I will tell you this without giving away the secret — at one point, I had to run it through my iPhone.

If you didn’t get a chance above, you wanna share a crazy 311 story with everyone? I mean, you went or go on their annual cruise, right?!
Man, the cruises have been amazing! 3,000 311 fans on a boat in the Bahamas for four days. Words can’t describe.

That said, apologies to my family for this story:

A friend of mine hooked me up with a Cialis for the cruise. Cut to the first night, and I was hanging with a group of friends and we were looking at photos from that day. Suddenly, this photo comes up where I am pitching the biggest tent ever. There was a pause and then everyone busts out laughing. I was so embarrassed. But everyone was saying I should be proud for that one. Cialis is great, but here’s some free advice — don’t wear basketball shorts around girls.

Ha ha, cool(?!) — anything else we should cover?
311 Stereolithic is out March 11th. Buy it.

Thanks, man! Looking forward to seeing another couple cess slides before too long.
Yeah man, can’t wait! Kopi Luwaks! (That’s the one foot fast cess.)

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