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THE VAULT: Dustin Jamieson
Fastplant on Rail to Roll

Way back in 2015 we were working on the sixth issue of ONE Digital, our online-only magazine, when suddenly, for reasons we can’t quite remember today, we stopped. It was never finished and all the content that had been submitted and planned got shelved. Bummer! But yesterday’s lost content is today’s treasure, and amongst the mothballed photos were these great snaps of Dustin Jamieson skating around Portland. As longtime fans of Dustin’s diverse skillset and interest in challenging himself with unusual setups, spots, and tricks, we were excited to see what he and photographer Drew Humphrey could make together. And they didn’t disappoint, turning in a spread of images showcasing Dustin skating on vintage off-road Rollerblade Coyotes and grinding in a big wheel Wizard setup. So here’s a set of our favorite unused vertical photos. Maybe someday soon we’ll post the horizontal shots and show how DJ can backside Unity around a bowl corner in Wizards.

* * * *



Off-Road Safety Grab 360

Inflating the Coyotes

[The END]

Photos by Drew Humphrey

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