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The voice of Gawds

As the blade world knows, Franky Morales just released the first line from his new company, Gawds. With his first teaser online now, we figured it was a great time to get the straight dope from the voice of Gawds himself. Here’s Franky Morales on his new project…

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We saw the ad first show up in ONE Digi v.3 in January, so we know this has been in the works for awhile. How long you been working on it?
I want to say I’ve been working on Gawds for about half a year, maybe even longer.

How did you make the selections for team riders?
Selecting team riders is never easy… But with a lot of thinking  I personally picked each person based on skill level, image, potential, and awesomeness!  

If someone asked you why a wheel company, and why now, what would you tell them?
I was simply tell them it’s just the right time, as far as for me. Not to mention I feel like our industry needed something like this. What I mean is, when people talk about Gawds they will automatically think about blading and the lifestyle that it represents. The culture that people don’t get to see, Gawds will show that. Gawds is more than just a  wheel company. Stay tuned.

Before this you’d been associated with M1 for a long time. What did you learn from your experiences there that you plan to apply to Gawds?
I learned a couple things from that experience but to be honest, everything I know now I knew before M1. And just to make things clear for everyone out there, I never really owned M1, just skated for them and came up with the name with Brett Garson, the owner of M1. So Gawds will be my first big project. That being said, I have some new, innovating ideas for Gawds that are going to be a game changer.

How soon can people get ahold of the wheels?
I believe you can get them right now. Gawds is being distributed worldwide. Also, you’ll be able to get them on our website

Anything else we should know about Gawds or the product before we let you get back on your blades?
Gawds is more than just a wheel company, it is a lifestyle. A brand that represents bladers throughout the world. 

All right, well thanks for taking a couple minutes to catch everyone up. Much appreciated! Have a good tour, too, and throw in any shout outs you got.
I want to give special thanks to those who made this project possible — Erick Rodriguez, Matthias Knoll, and Kenneth Dedeu. Thank you. Your help is greatly appreciated! And everyone else on board, many thanks! 

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  • Joe Dirt - March 7th, 2014

    Give me a fucking break.

  • Some young - March 11th, 2014

    So basically it’s another conference funded brand that mattias put his money in but you say it’s your company. Heard this song and tune too many times, pj is wack and so is Erod

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