ONE Staff / July 8th, 2018 / Spotlight
THEM Skates: Warehouse Grand Opening

Jon Julio keeps it hot! A few years ago, the Forecast trade show launched on a 100° day in the Los Angeles area, and Saturday, July 7th made the heat a tradition when thermostats across LA topped triple digits and THEM Skates welcomed the public into their new warehouse space. ONE was in LA for some work you’ll see in upcoming projects, but we made sure to swing through THEM to show our respects and hang with the homies. As a few dozen bladers huddled in the building’s shadow and watched a never-ending grind box session unfold, people assembled their new blades, toured the warehouse, and generally shot the breeze on an occasion that many will remember fondly for years to come. Thanks to Casey Warren we have these pictures from the event to show you a bit of what we saw. In conclusion: Support the supporters.

* * * *

Arvin bladers were in the house

Voss, Alex & Ivan

THEM skate wall

Jon was working hard

Keeping it social

Another satisfied customer

Assembly required

Stockwell steps into THEM

Torque Soul

Sweaty in THEM

[The END]

Photos by Casey Warren

Discussion / THEM Skates: Warehouse Grand Opening

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  • michael william guevarra - September 14th, 2018

    congratulations to the whole them908skates crew and skating group. special big ups too Sir Jon Julio for yet again baffling the inline sector with such great products and rembarkable marketing schemes. I mean really, I already want a pair. 🙂 thanks again to everyone over there and congratulations dude. onelovelifeliving. noevil,

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