ONE Staff / December 29th, 2011 / Spotlight
SPOTLIGHT: Dinner (Full Video Online Now)

You skipped Breakfast. Had a light Lunch, but now it’s time for Dinner. This is the third and final film in the Food Trilogy from the Northeastern Black Bandit Media crew of Mike Dempsey, Casey Geraghty, John Lyke, Mark Golembeski, and the walking terror that is Drew Amato. Dinner features four main sections — Geraghty, Taylor/Smith/Smolak, Dempsey, Lyke— plus some bonus. Look for high production values and some on point blading, mixed with a heavy dose of humor. And who are you to complain? This is a free online video joint. Extra points for the ridiculous edit descriptions and backstories. — ONE

Discussion / SPOTLIGHT: Dinner (Full Video Online Now)

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