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VIDEO: THE APPLE… by Lennen and Cullen

Hey, did you ever hear the story about how Sean Cullen and Pat Lennen got arrested in SF because Sean was driving around in Pat’s car wearing a blindfold? No? Well it’s pretty f*ed up. Cullen claimed to know how to “follow the rails” for the trollies on the streets ─ because he’d been practicing ─ but the cops weren’t convinced. Since the car was registered in Pat’s name, but was outfitted with the old Reno license plates from his Bronco, it ended up getting complicated.

That was possibly more than a year ago, but in the meantime Cullen’s brain didn’t stop mulling over his unusual outlook on life and rollerblading, and neither of the two stopped blading. Mix all those volatile elements together and you have this, a project titled THE APPLE THAT FELL FAR FROM THE TREE.

Enjoy another EXCLUSIVE trailer brought to you by ONE

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Discussion / VIDEO: THE APPLE… by Lennen and Cullen

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  • the geoffs - December 9th, 2006

    man, i cant wait to see this video. sean’s skating has always been so ill

  • Matthew Mcdonell - December 11th, 2006

    vol·a·tile [vol-uh-tl, -til or, especially Brit., -tahyl] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation

    –adjective; tending or threatening to break out into open violence; explosive: a volatile political situation.

  • BorisG - December 12th, 2006

    sick trailer. hope to see that ill shit on dvd soon. Props to Pat for that nice montage.

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