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Six years ago when we set up we went with a simple WP theme with the idea that we didn’t want to go too hard in one direction and never be able to update with the times. Well, over 1,000 posts later that update has finally come. But more than an update, we’re redefining the ONE online experience and tying our branding and social media together here at Though we’ve still got a couple features to add, and there’s still a few years’ worth of content from the old site to get properly tagged/labeled for optimal discovery, we decided the time had come to share the new site with the world. So here it is. Click around. Check it out. Find all the new features and interfaces that make browsing six years worth of content easier, and a lot more fun. If you’ve got any suggestions, please share in the comments. Otherwise be sure to check back for updates and more content coming in daily from our army of contributors. We look forward to seeing you around.

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  • The Hotel Heartthrob aka Smoothington - February 20th, 2012

    WOW! Extremely impressed. Content was always stellar, but I can’t lie I was always checking Be-Mag for latest content. This site takes the cake though. Great design work that really speaks to the times. Really looking forward to peeping this new site on the regular.

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