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Where is Jon Fromm?

Switchin’ up in BCN

So I’ve been traveling for the better half of two and a half months, and my travels have led me to Glasgow, Scotland. Currently I’m residing at Unit 23 Skatepark, which Scott Quinn calls home. This place is absolutely incredible — it’s like Woodward with a Scottish flavor to it. Before landing here my travels led me far and wide, taking me to three continents. Which means I’ve visited six of the seven on Earth! That last one is Antarctica, which maybe I’ll get to one of these days — ha ha. I don’t think there’s any blading down there, so we’ll see what happens. But I don’t want to divulge too much of my whole epic adventure yet. However, I’ve seen some incredible things and made some amazing life-long friends. Some highlights include: wild koalas and kangaroos down under, some crazy Malaysian hindu temples, and the crazy streets of so many European cities. Razors has truly blessed me as well. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all around Europe with my teammates, and honestly can now call these guys my family. It’s truly been an epic experience.

Parisian layover

Batu Caves, KL

Fromm in a tower

Blade buds



I hope you liked the quick check in, and stay tuned for my full travel log when I return home! Peace! — Jon

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