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Who is Jeremiah Dougherty?

A fresh edit from Circolo dropped a week ago that featured a mysterious figure on even more mysterious skates displaying a seemingly effortless and self-styled manner of executing booted maneuvers. Not knowing a whole lot about Jeremiah Dougherty, John Adams volunteered a handful of questions to help us learn about this talented roller that until now has managed to cruise under the radar.

* * * *

Where are you from?
I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and moved to New Jersey right over the bridge from Philadelphia when I was young. Lived there until moving west in 2012.

Portrait 2014

Who do you blade with?
I just moved back to California a month ago, so far only Russell Day, Shawn Rodriguez, and a few other people. It was usually only Jeff and I while filming my Circolo edit.

Who’s skate styles are you influenced by? (This one might seem stupid, but I see a lot of Kato style here and I wonder if there’s anything to that)
Kato’s gaps and transition skating are incredible, definitely an influential skater. All of the standard classics, everyone who’s remained relevant and is still producing some kind of content.

I’m influenced by the people capable of melding the opportunities being presented by new skate products, the years of styles and tricks, and their own outlook on things in order to produce new and interesting content. Recently it’s been a lot of DRC, Mushroom Blading, and everyone in the new release Tim Hortons. There’s something going on with each of the groups I just mentioned, an almost paralleled cycle of regression and progression with a product of more cruising, more lines, and a more intricate trick, spot, and filming style selection.

DSBS Royale / Los Angeles

Did you ride flat before big wheels, or anti-rocker?
Anywhere from 58-60mm flat.

Do you feel any restrictions with your current setup? And what are you skating exactly?
I’m on Roces M12s, with a mid-’90s Rollerblade Lightning liner, SSM soul plates, Kizer Level 3 frames and Circolo 72mm wheels. The only restrictions are the M12 boot itself. I cut slits out of them a long time ago and now they’re over flexed. But I’m about to skate the V13’s and see how they compare.

The skates.

Skates detail.

Well thanks for answering our questions and letting us know more about what’s up. Looking forward to seeing what you put out next.

Questions by John Adams
Photos by Jeff Linett

* * * *

Check out Jeremiah’s Circolo edit right here:

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  • PLASTIK - December 16th, 2014

    Those skates are really original, nice custom work! Sorry bout them being overflexed though…

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