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Craig Parsons (38 years young)

We’ll start with the basics: name, age, location, and how long you’ve been skating.
I’m Craig Parsons. I am 38 years young and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I have been blading for around 15+ years and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Who are your sponsors?
I want to thank all the people that support me: Kato Mateu, owner and founder of Remz skates; Grant Schildhouse and Alex Brinkman, the owners and creators of First & Lexington Clothing; and the companies Workout Pride and Chenga2 for all their support.

What is the scene like in Cleveland, and who is involved in it?
My scene out here is around 15 guys and everyone is growing and maturing their skating at a very high level. For the most part, everyone that our group rolls with is really good at park and street.

What about blading makes you keep pushing and progressing at 38?
I love skating, and at the age of 38 years old people always ask me why I like skating so much. For me, I love skating because it gives you the freedom to go out and do whatever you want on your skates. I love the rush you get when you challenge yourself with all the endless possibilities and different tricks you can learn. With skating there are no boundaries, you can go and do whatever your skates and body will let you do.

What’s your worst injury?
My worst injury to date is my back, and recently I’ve been going to the chiropractor. X-rays showed that I had twisted and curved my lower spine which shifted my pelvis bone, causing me to have a severe pinched nerve. The doctor thinks he can get me adjusted out over the next 9 months and get me back to 100%. That was awesome news. But don’t get me wrong — no pain, no game! I still skate all the time even though I’m not at 100% health-wise.

You mentioned that you work out; does it affect your skating at all?
I would say the key to my skating at 38 is workout, eat right, and always stretch really good before skating.

Who do you look up to; who gets you juiced the most?
The people that get me juiced to skate and film are all the guys from the Wednesday night skate sessions: Ryan Sibbio, Jimmy Spetz, Josh Yarmesch, Brandon Nugyen, and my buddy Dan Ruyf. Thanks to all of them for always getting me juiced to skate.

Top three pros of all time?
My favorite pros have always been: Dustin Latimer, for his innovative style; Chris Haffey, for his huge, endless bag of tricks and hammers; and the Kelsos, for making everything look so damn easy.

Favorite artist/genre?
I usually listen to hip hop in my iPod like Kendrick Lemar or some ASAP Rocky, anything that vibes with me when I’m on my skates.

Favorite trick(s), and which foot is your dominate?
My favorite tricks to do are probably any topside true spins or fishbrains, because those tricks never get old. My dominant foot is probably my left soul, but these days I like to do everything both ways — switch and regular.

Advice you would give to someone just getting into blading?
Skate to have a good time and skate for the love. Eventually people will take notice of your art.

Favorite quote, and anything else you would like to add that I may have missed…
I just wanna say thanks to ONE for letting me do this Stay Gold, and I hope you enjoy my lil’ edit. Thanks! And I hope a lot more OGs get back into the skating scene because we still have to set an example for and inspire the younger generations. Lastly, age makes no difference — skate and love it!

Interview and Edit by Josh Aaron Yarmesch

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    Thanks also for everything. Now go get some fresh new Remz from bakerized

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