Alan Hughes / February 3rd, 2020 / The Wire
“Action Figures” Starring Brian Freeman by ButterTV

“Oakland, California — November 2018. What you may have heard about Brian ‘BFree’ Freeman is true. The man is full of passion and carries that magic with him wherever he goes. Shot at the end of 2018; this piece serves more as a prequel to some of the things he’s accomplished today, one of which is running a full time business with his BFree Blading Academy. What’s inspiring about BFree is that he never has an excuse and is constantly pushing forward, not only in rollerblading, but as a family man which is a reflection of his character and how he conducts his lessons for the youth.

During our shoot, California was experiencing massive fires where homes were destroyed and lives were lost. The typically blue skies were gray and the air quality was extremely poor. BFree still managed to get a solid piece together and show off what his days consist of. He did it all with a smile and, even under some of the worst circumstances, he maintained his positivity and again, continued to keep moving forward. Dreams come true if you’re dedicated and willing to put the work in. Cheers!

Special thanks to Ivan Narez for allowing me to stay at his place during the shooting of this piece.”

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