Alan Hughes / June 28th, 2019 / The Wire
Alex Broskow “Seconds” by Mike Torres


One year ago we announced Alex as a Them pro rider. This is the first footage of Alex riding on THEM SKATES.

Shot and filmed by Mke Torres in New York CIty

One helping of NYC wasn’t enough. Alex Broskow comes back for seconds, and teams up with Mike Torres to cruise the streets of NYC like no one else can.

Runtime: 7 minutes

In addition to the main feature, you get two additional pieces of content, 8 Seconds, and Seconds: Behind The Scenes.

8 Seconds features the cinematography of Nate Moore, and is shot entirely on Hi-8 video and Super 8 film. Runtime: 5 minutes

Seconds: Behind The Scenes is a long form B-Roll section. Experience the sights and sounds of one of the greatest cities in the world as we film with one of the greatest blading talents in the world. Runtime: 35 minutes”

Discussion / Alex Broskow “Seconds” by Mike Torres

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