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Blading Cup 2017 & Feet 4 Premiere by Cody Sanders

“The last “big” contest in America happened this weekend in Santa Ana, CA. I missed filming the open comp the first day and my battery was dead during the bladies & OG’s competition… Sorry homies.I got a good portion of the rest of it though.

Everyone should try and make it next year, I was really surprised by the diverse turn out.I normally expect a CA comp to have a majority of people skating in it to be from CA, but there were just as many international dudes in attendance.

Now that I think about it, there were a lot of surprises with this one. Pro’s skated the comp (rare), there were a ton of booths set up showcasing all the latest and greatest (powerslide, RZRS, themgoods, dead, etc), the heats didn’t excessively run over the time limit… Wow. It was actually run really well.

The after party was located right above the competition at a bar called Native Sons.
If anyone from there reads this (they won’t) thanks for putting up with rollerblader shenanigans…

The Feet 4 premier happened next door to the competition at “The Frida” cinema.
We packed this place out, hundreds of us cramming into this tiny theatre.

Lonnie showed up fashionably late with the video that was finished maybe 30 minutes prior to viewing, haha.
Really great video, the place was full of cheers.

Buy it:

I always make fun of California (because it’s the hub and i’m jealous), but they really put on a good time this weekend.
It was welcoming, well organized and constantly exciting.

You should go.
I’m going to start going every year.

Love y’all.”

– Cody Sanders

Discussion / Blading Cup 2017 & Feet 4 Premiere by Cody Sanders

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