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Blading Cup 2019 by ButterTV

“‘Take this vibe we’re feeling right now and text a homie that hasn’t bladed in a while, start a monthly or weekly session. If two people show up and you post a picture, next week, four people show up. And if they need wheels, give them some used wheels. And pretty soon we’re gonna have regular sessions in cities all across the world—and the Blading Cup next year, which will be the tenth annual, could be even bigger!’ — Matt Mickey

Santa Ana, California – November 1st-2nd, 2019. As a native from the northeast, Blading Cup truly is a destination weekend. Another year with two full days of skating in Downtown Santa Ana’s East End with 160 competitors from all around the world—21 countries to be exact however, what really made Blading Cup special this year wasn’t just about the global presence but the multiple generations that skated alongside one another. Those who started the culture, to the ones who took it to the next level, to the pros of today, and lastly, the next generation of enthusiastic skaters. It was an event filled with nostalgia and a good glimpse into the future. As always, big thanks to Jon Julio and co. for putting together another amazing event and huge shout out to everyone who was there.”

Discussion / Blading Cup 2019 by ButterTV

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