Alan Hughes / March 11th, 2023 / The Wire
“Blading Only Bandos” Part 2 by Hawke Trackler

“3 years ago I set out to make a section where I skated only abandoned spots and for some reason I wanted to try to make a new one like 6 months ago. Last time around the only problems where carrying skates and camera stuff while walking a bunch to then skate plus to then walk back can be rough. This time around I had the same problems as before but I also ran into a lot more trouble trying to accomplish this. I almost was arrested twice and held at gun point once while in a abandoned mall with Hood Panda. It sucked and was very discouraging but once I had started I still needed to finish. So I did just that and this is the product that came from it haha”

(Blading Only Bandos / Part 01)

Discussion / “Blading Only Bandos” Part 2 by Hawke Trackler

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